A sonic and visual Installation

About The Project

This blog focuses on my work towards an art installation for 2013 where I will try and express a perceptual feeling of endless space and infinity, through a sonic and visual installation that focuses on the use of mirrors and interactive based light and audio materials.

When researching this area, I came across existing work particularly that of the work of Yayoi Kasuma who is a Japanese artist. She recently had a featured installation at the London Tate modern titled “Infinity Mirror Room”.

The ceiling and walls of the room are mirrored, with a shallow pool of water on the installation floor. The viewer walks across tiles that are also mirrored, on the ceiling, copious amounts of tiny LED lights hang.

I intend to use this idea of a mirror room and capitalize on the seemingly endless reflections of light to express the idea of endlessness or perpetual space. I am also going to feature sonic occurrences and interactive based tools that allow the user to manipulate sound within the space of the installation, with the movement of light that will be held in their hand, to offer an element of spontaneity that is user unique.

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